Respect the Day
5k Run/Walk

On September 29, 1980 Justin W. Jennings was born in Wilmington, Delaware. The youngest of three children, Justin was your typical healthy, happy little boy who was maturing into a wonderful young man.



I want to tell you how much I appreciate the work you do for the community and the cancer families. It is really truly amazing.

You may not get that many thank yous from regular citizens but, a couple years ago I ran your 5k with my family. It is unquestionably the best thing I have seen anyone do in my life while doing it myself for your organization. You provide a place for families with a cancer victim to stay and enjoy the beach. Not that many people have that opportunity. I'm always pleased to see people and organizations helping their community. Whenever I come to Delaware my family and I drive past the house and we admire the work you do.

Without a doubt continue your foundation. Each and every day you can and will change someones life for the better. Thank you for your time.

Justin Turner, Freshman
Dublin Coffman High School

Justin's Garden

Jake's Story

"My name is Jake Maggid. I will be having my Bar Mitzvah in April 2013. A Bar Mitzvah in the Jewish tradition is when a boy becomes an adult.


"Becoming an adult means I need to take responsibility for my self, my family and my community. As part of my preparation for that day, I will be involved in a project to do acts of kindness. I have been coming down to Bethany Beach with my family ever since I was born. I really enjoy the special time with my family and am always looking forward to our next visit. I was excited when I saw this big Adirondack chair being built on Route 26! Then I saw Justin's Beach house written on it. I was very curious and googled it on the internet. When I learned about Justin's life, his strong determination to fight cancer and his love for Bethany Beach I wanted to to be a part of helping fulfill Justin's dream to help others. I would like to contribute in some way to providing that special time for families that are coping with cancer to escape to the peaceful place where everything is better. My family always says when we cross the Bay Bridge things are better!

"How can I help? I am down at the beach until Aug 19. I wasn't sure if there was something you needed for the house, for the families or if you would prefer a monetary donation. Please let me know how I can help."

Thank you so much,
Jake Maggid

Every summer at Justin's beach house brings great joy to many families. Each story is unique, but all share a love of the shore, sunshine and creating a brighter day for anyone with cancer. Justin's wish could not be possible without our many volunteers.

This summer (Aug. 2012) a young man named Jake Maggid visited Justin's Beach House. Jake worked tirelessly in the garden in addition to a generous monetary donation. His efforts sparked an idea and so "Justin's Garden" was born. The fund was established with $500 and we hope to grow and expand the garden.

Fall of 2012 will bring a new garden to the home, as we begin planting and primping the exterior. We are excited to see the welcoming walkway become surrounded by trees, shrubs and flowers. As the seasons pass and the trees become full in the summer sun, we hope to cultivate the garden into a lush outdoor oasis for our guests. If you are interested in contrubuting to Justin's Garden, we welcome any inquiries about working in the garden or donations to the project.

A heart-felt thank you to those who make the garden possible:

Becky Johns & Pat Hendrickson - Gardening Angels

Brian Rowe - Rowe Property Maintenance 

Bonnie Zonko - Barefoot gardeners