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Justin's Beach House is a respite home free of charge for families with cancer. Offering time away from doctors and hospitals, Justin's Beach House is a place for the family to relax and unwind in beautiful Bethany Beach, Delaware.

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Justin's Story...

On September 29, 1980 Justin W. Jennings was born in Wilmington, Delaware. The youngest of three children, Justin was your typical healthy, happy little boy who was maturing into a wonderful young man. Since an early age, Justin had one dream and that was to attend Penn State. Everything Justin did - from playing baseball and golf, participating in student government and being an alter boy at church-was to help him attain his goal of attending Penn State. Upon hearing the news that his tumor was malignant, Justin’s first question to the doctors was, (which really was not a question, more of a statement to them) “I will be going to college”!

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The mission of The Justin W. Jennings Foundation is to support and maintain Justin’s Beach House.